Steve Holloway is a “how to” high content speaker focusing on Championship Business Achievement.

Topics include:
| Sales – Nothing Happens Until a Sale Is Made!
| Focus – Stop Being Busy Being Busy!
| Productivity – Organize, Manage and Drive Results!
| Strategy – Plan, Promote and Profit!
| Internet – Marketing Online to Millions!

His work has included companies such as Commonwealth Bank, PLAN Australia, Homeloans Limited, Australian Finance Group, BankWest, Mortgage Association of Australia, SouthWest Life Insurance Canada, City of North York, O’Connor & Associates Hong Kong, Chrysler Corporation, Canadian Government and many more.

Steve creates custom presentations for every client based on their needs. His speaking keynote fee is $10,000 flat for Australian appearances (or the purchase of 3000 copies of his book “Millionaire Business”) and $20,000 for international appearances outside of Australia and New Zealand (or the purchase of 10,000 copies of Millionaire Business).

[on sales, marketing, high performance, leadership, online & offline.]

Steve’s full bio is posted on our About page.

To inquire about booking Steve, leave us a detailed message with dates and information about your event by emailing support@stevehollowaylive.com

———————– What They’re Saying ——————-

“Steve’s leadership speech brought inspiration to my team by sharing his personal struggles of life and his enthusiasm for the future. My team left Steve’s event focused on continuing the journey of life with renewed energy, both at work and home.”

–Jason Pucket, TOYOTA

“In the fast paced retail world, it is sometimes easy to forget how many lives we impact every day. Steve’s book and his presentation gave me the awareness and appreciation of my job role and that I can take the opportunity each day to positively influence both my associates and customers.”

— Larry Marschel, WALMART

“You have made SUCH A DIFFERENCE! I want to personally thank you for the intense efforts you have made to put all of your creativity, talent, passion and time into making Accenture a better place . . . your concepts will now be shared with 85,000 people! We will be a great company because of your impact.”

–Angie Seldon, ACCENTURE

“Hi Steve, I only hope to achieve 50% of what was taught. This 50% will increase profit 100%!”

–Danny Heylbut, NSW

“I have taken Steve’s program twice and I am positive that it adds $10,000 to my income everytime!”

–Laurie Fletcher, ADELAIDE

“It has been a true pleasure to work with Steve Holloway. His humility and selfless service became extremely apparent. He is one of those people who engages others with sincere interest and by doing so reveals his truly genuine character.”

–LT Brett St. George, THE U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY

“Steve Holloway’s event proved to not only be the most unique motivational networking event in town, but also the most impactful. Multiple companies who participated simply said it was the best motivational training and networking event in the region, if not the best they have ever attended. Steve made an impression on this town that will change lives forever and we thank you. It was a unanimous decision to bring Steve back next year.”

–Michael J. Jackson, MORGAN STANLEY

“Steve Holloway has a passion for helping others. When he talks about service and selflessness, he truly walks the talk.”

–Rob Parker, CEO of Kiwanis International

“We are thankful for his dedication to helping JA and other nonprofits reach more people and make a greater difference in the world.”

— Thomas Dewar, SVP of Development, Junior Achievement Worldwide