Who Wants to be a Millionaire!

Making money is a mystery to many yet a millionaire’s lifestyle to others. Why is that?

Well, one of the main reasons is setting your mind and committing to doing what it takes to make a million!

The second reason is knowing what you need to do to make a million… the steps do you need to take!

Today there are so many millionaires created from online businesses as well as billionaires! And it’s a lot less expensive to start and build this type of business.

However, there are so many people have trouble making money online. Why? Well, that is the million dollar question!

It’s no different than the offline world I have spent many years consulting and coaching. I have worked with companies to turn them around from a $750,000 annual loss to a $1.2 million turnaround in 12 months. I have also worked with extremely successful companies doing over $300 million and lead them to over $1.1 Billion per month!

No, it’s not a misprint, I said 1.1 billion dollars per month!

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Ironically, I have learned a lot more from these companies than I helped them to achieve. Maybe not in monetary value but the experience I gained was priceless! I’d love to share it with you as it applies to making money online. Be sure to get my free videos here and learn the secrets to building a million dollar business online. Click here.

In any business, it’s all about sales. I always say “nothing ¬†happens until a sale is made!” However I can tell you of the many companies and entrepreneurs I have worked with, most of them do not focus on the right areas that leverage a business and that is the differentiator. Focus or die!

I believe it’s the same in any business whether online or offline. You need to focus on the 20% that produces 80% of the results. It’s all about sales and then service to grow. Most people are focusing on technology and that is not where it’s at. Important but should not be the focus! To make money online, you need to drive the business to the customer and focus on your marketing.

In my free video series, I will be discussing a lot of ideas that can help you start and grow your business online and offline too! See you at the “Championship One Million!”

Marketing is like a respirator!

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